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Penangkal Petir Thomas System dan Gent

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penangkal petir thomas system dan gent

THOMAS Supported By engineers, University level colleges and research organisation, Thomas Break new ground By using advence technology.Thomas is a lightning Conductor with an autonomous electric device that generates ions when a storm is threatening.
The Aim Of the Thomas Lightning Conductor is to create an ionisation phenomenon around the point with an easy, autonomous and independent setting up of outside energy sources.

GENT Lightning rods were originally developed in Belgium, patented in Switzerland and manufactured in Indonesia . GENT Supported By engineers, University level colleges and research organisation The use of Gent lightning rod is very simple -- it's a pointed metal rod attached to the roof of a building. It connects to a huge piece of copper or aluminum wire that's also an inch or so in diameter. The wire is connected to a conductive grid buried in the ground nearby.

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penangkal petir thomas system dan gent

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Penangkal petir Thomas system dan Gent merupakan penangkal petir yang memiliki radius perlindungan sangat luas, bisa mengcover sampai dengan 5-7 hektar area. sangat tepat untuk melindungi Gedung-gedung, tempat umum, Tempat mudah terbakar, Pertambangan, padang Golf. dll

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