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collection baju import hongkong retail grosir

We are specialist in the Fashion Industry of woman stylish. Our high quality service and activity makes many customer enjoy of their life. Borobudur Boutique is working on whole sales also retail sales for providing newest style Fashion from Hongkong,Korea and Japan. We are able to delivery as your any order. We are providing the whole sales price when your order are more than 12 pcs.


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Sun, 19 Oct 2008 1:09:59 +0700

collection baju import hongkong retail grosir

Type Ads : jual

Category : fashion

Location : Indonesia - Jakarta Dki

Price : Call Us

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Fashion ( baju   Import hongkong   Grosir   Retail)   Jual   Fashion  

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We are the supplier of Fashion,spesialist of import from Hongkong,Korea and Japan.We are always following new design.

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